Marketing an Archery Events Starts When you Decide to Hold One

What many people miss out on is the concept that marketing starts from the very beginning, deciding to hold an event. Most places just choose a date, time and cost and that is it, That is NOT how you run an event. A successful event starts with good, solid research, planning and marketing.

The first thing you need to decide on, is what type of shoot is it going to be.                           Having a theme or type will help set you apart, which is vital – USP

How to decide what type of shoot

The date you choose can play a part in it

Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter

Hunting Season – Competition Season

Big shoot coming up nearby, how about a tune up

The course set up can determine it

The terrain can determine

What is popular in your area can determine it

A Word About Types

If you hold a “traditional Only” shoot, do not expect a large turnout.

According to the ATA

75% of Archers use compounds

18% use Crossbows

that is 93% that leaves 7% for traditional archers

Now they also say 3 percent shoot both Compound and Trad

At max you are looking at ten percent.

Small market = small turnout

The next thing to do is to name your event:

How many shoots are there each weekend

If they all are just 3D Archery Shoots, how will you choose

They will go to the closet one

But a name will catch the eye better

It will separate yours from everyone else

People tend to go to and remember events that are different and having a name makes yours so


Once you know what type and have a name for it, then you can choose a date

The right date will help – Super Bowl Sunday

Check out what others are doing

Local, regional and national events

Remember Bob and how he had all those other options of what to do on the day of your event? Well choosing the right date will help to limit those.


Even what time you hold your event is marketing

Smaller time window, narrows the possible numbers

Cost is part of marketing too

Charge what you are worth, not what you think they are willing to pay.

 Setting your event up from the start with marketing in mind will make it much easier down the road, so take the extra time and plan ahead!

Finally, if you can, schedule the same named event at the same time each year. Doing this will help to build recognition of it. And it will help to make your long term marketing easier.




Why people do not go to your Archery Event

In the past three years or so, I have shot at a total of 71 different locations. Some were club shoots, others were festivals and some were actual competitions. One of the common themes I have heard is that they wonder why they are not growing, attendance is down or disappointing. These complaints have become much more frequent the past year or so.

Now, you might ask what do I know about this? Well, for the past twenty-five years I have run my own business that was marketing based. What I offered was not essential, it was what is called discretionary spending. Which means that what I offered they did not have to have and that I had to use marketing to convince them why they should not only spend their time and money on what I offered, but also with me and not with someone else. In those twenty five years I spent thousands of dollars going to seminars, hiring consultants and networking with the top people in marketing and in my field. They taught me that there are just three reasons why someone does not go to your event.

This group just cannot go because of work, money, travel, etc. They just cannot go. This group is one we have no control or influence over and because of that we should no spend anytime on them.

This is the largest group out there and the one you should spend the most time on. This group has the time, money and can travel, they just did not know about your event. Reaching this group will help grow your shoot more than any other.

This one should sting, they had the time, money and travel, but chose not to go! They instead decided that their time would be better spent doing something else or worse yet, going somewhere else for the same thing! While important, this group tends to yield a lower return and therefore you should not make them the focus of your marketing.

The big takeaway here is that the main reason why people do not go to your events, is because they did not know about them! Want to grow your events? Then focus on getting the word out. Which is easier said than done. But, it can be done, with the right knowledge and tools.

The Single Most Important Part of Archery

When shooting, we all have had that one, maybe two or even three arrows that just do not hit where we want. Why is that? I mean why can we shoot the first arrow and hit right where we want but the second one is not even close?

This is something we all must deal with. Now if we were to asked five archers why that happened, we would get five different reasons.

So what is the single most important part? It must be the Arrow right? I mean nothing can be more important. From the proper spine, to the FOC (weight front of center). From Left or Right wing for the feathers.  Straight or Helical Flecthing, to how well your nock releases off the string. I mean it has to be the arrow right? Well ….., no. It is not the arrow, although I would say it is number two.

Well, if it is not the Arrow, then it has to be the bow. From finding the best draw weight, to finding the proper Brace height to having the perfect Tiller. It has to be the bow. Well ….., wrong again!

The single most important part of archery is your ……. Shot Cycle! Ask yourself this, why is it that some archers can shoot any bow well? What is the one thing that they did in common while shooting all those bows?

You see, a good solid shot cycle will allow you to shoot most bows with very little compensation. So what is your “Shot Cycle”?

In its simplest terms, it is everything that you must do to shoot an arrow. With that said, I believe in three words. The first is Consistent. The second is Repeatable and the third word is Comfortable.

If you want to be Consistent, your shot cycle must be Repeatable. In order for it to be repeatable, it must be Comfortable for you to do. Now, if your shot cycle is Comfortable, It will be Repeatable and that will make you Consistent. Yes, it is that simple.

People spend so much time tuning their bows and arrows, but so little time tuning their shot cycle. Spend some time on your shot cycle and I can promise that you will see the results.bullseye



Archery on the Cheap

I fully understand the cost of getting into Archery. The bow, the arrows, the glove, Brace and quiver. But guess what? Jeff Krug and I went on Ebay and bought some Fiberglass bows. Mine cost a whopping nine dollars.

Many people look down on those bows and I don’t get it. I can shoot really well with mine. As as a way to show that we shoot a very tough 3D Course with them. Best part? We shot it in the rain and cold and get this? I shot with my bow strung BACKWARDS!

Here is the video of it, enjoy


Taking 3D Archery to the next level

Well 2016 is here and the 3D Archery season has started. I have some plans for this year to take 3D Archery to the next level.

As part of the Long Bow extravaganza at Bristol, I gave away my PSE Sequoia Long Bow. We had sixty people qualify for it and the one lucky winner took it home. That is a $240 dollar bow right there. Now, I cannot afford to keep giving things away like that. But, i came up with an idea so I can. Patreon.

Patreon allows you to raise funds for different things and that is the answer to my problem. How not to go broke while giving away great stuff. If and when we raise the money to buy one, I will. I will then test it, review it and shoot at on a 3D Course. Once I do that i will give it away to one lucky person.

The first item we will try this with is the Samick Sage take down recurve. This is a great starter bow and is very popular right now. So, how do you get in to the raffle? Simply, just donate money on Patreon! For every dollar you donate, you earn one ticket for the raffle.

So, go to Patreon and check it out!


Cold Weather Tested


This past Sunday I went to the Cabin Fever 3D Archery Shoot (yes, Valentine’s Day, and yes, my wife came with me!) hosted by the Ti Yogi Bowmen in Hyde Park, NY. So far it has been a mild winter, but noooooooo not this day. The old “Polar Vortex” struck and the temperature at start time was ……… 1 degree Fahrenheit! For those of you not stuck in the dark ages I believe that comes out to around -17 Celsius! So yeah, you could say it was cold.

I went to Dicks Sporting Goods on Saturday knowing that my daily pair of gloves wasn’t going to cut it. The average glove was over $30.00 and a nice pair was closer to $70.00. I’m cheap and I do not like to spend that much on a glove I will only use once in a while.

Then I stumbled onto these. They are wool with a liner made of “Thinsulate”. The best part was, as you can see in the picture, the front flipped up out of the way so I could shoot using my normal glove.

We went out on the course just before eleven AM and we finished just a little past two PM. That was three hours out in temps well below freezing and my hands were never cold! The open fingers allowed me to shoot like normal and gave me enough feel that it did not throw off my shot cycle. The only time I felt the cold was when I had the cover off for any extended period of time (talking over 30 seconds here). My fingers get cold easy, to the point that it is painful, that is a gift from my time in the service, training and living in the freezing weather, but not on this day. They were warm and I was happy.

Oh, the price? Just $14.99, now I can live with that price.


League Night

I joined an indoor league, never done one before and I’m using it to perfect my form. It is an 450 round, what does that mean. That is the total number of possible points. What you do is shoot three arrows at the target. You do this 15 times. The target has circles with values of 10 down to 1. Unlike a 300 round in which if you get a one, you only lost a whopping four points, here is you score a one you lost nine points!

For the bow, I’m using my 1967 Ben Pearson Pinto. The bow is rated at 25 pounds, but I have a 30″ draw so it is closer to 29. I shot a few arrows through the chronograph and found that they are in the 141 to 145 range. For arrows I’m using Carbon Express Predator II’s, 800 spine with a 125 grain point.


I’m aiming using split vision. It is an off shoot of GAP, in act, I have become convinced that it is an advanced version of gap. I know my GAP, for this bow it is 11 inches down and 9 inches to the left. Instead of staring at that spot, to ensure my point is on it. I look at the “X” in the target and with my peripheral vision I make sure the point is there.

Last night I went from a glove to a tab and found that it changed my GAP slightly. Took me several ends to compensate, but once I did I was fine. I’m still a little too inconsistent, but that is why I’m there. My score? a 323.

Had a guy shoot next to me with a Fred Eichler Bow, 50 pounds. He is a writer for a hunting magazine. He is a big bow hunter. He has never shot targets and wanted to see what it is like. I smiled when he told me this and I had to tell him “Been there, I will warn you your ego and confidecne are about to be crushed”. Why did i say that, because I too thought “Hey, I can hit a target at 20 yards easy”. My score the first time I shot a 450 last year? A whopping 160!

After the second end, he was asking questions trying to figure out why his arrows were all over the place.

Yep, it is a challenge, it can crush you, but it can be so rewarding too.